We are building a home for Little Blue Shed!

Often females in developing countries are faced with countless

adversaries the main challenge being poverty. Many are forced into

early marriages, prostitution, trafficking and other dangerous activities

to survive. This is heartbreaking!

The major cause of this is desperation due to  lack of education and

employment opportunities. Little Blue Shed has identified the

root cause of exploitation and we are on a mission with others

to bring an end to this!

We believe that every female should be valued and protected

no matter what part of the world she lives in.

Please join us and GIVE to help us Build (All donations are tax deductible)


We have 3 acres of land to build our EMPOWERMENT SHEDS in the village - Kaberamaido (East Uganda) District!!

Please join us and  support our vision to build a Empowerment/Sustainability village. Which will include:


  • Training and Production rooms for incoming generating activities

  • Business/Entrepreneurship/English Speaking Training Room/s

  • Counselling Room

  • Baby & Toddle Care Room/s

  • Emergency Drop in Centre

  • African Kitchen

  • Toilet Amenities


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