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ChrisTan Shed - Garden of Eden

The Garden of Eden is a demonstration garden created as a training place for rural youth and women leaders. It's also a gathering place for discussions and a place to come and eat yummy vegetables straight from the garden.

One of our exciting projects in the Garden of Eden is our Melrose Mushroom project. Teaching leaders how to grow delicious Oyster Mushrooms. This project is sponsors by Melrose Day Care Centre (in Australia).

Everyone needs fresh vegetables for a healthy diet, yet some rural areas due to lack of knowledge have little skills in developing their vegetable gardens.


In the Garden of Eden, we grow eggplants, onions, spinach, kale, chilies, lettuce, tomatoes and mushrooms.

The concept of the garden is to teach leaders of better farming methods. We share our knowledge and experience on preparing the soil, fertilizing, waste management and generally caring for your garden for the best results.




  • Sustainable Gardens: The Garden of Eden will be set up in rural areas of Uganda via Youth and Women Leaders.

  • Employment Opportunities for rural people

  • Business skills and support: Training will take place to assist rural leaders to develop their project within the community to benefit more people.

Project Members:

Vulnerable Women and Youths




All you need to do is say YES to helping. It is not always money that is required.

​Spread the Word - Share our website and Facebook page with your family and friends.


Have you got a gift a talent that you want to share/volunteer? Have you got a group of friends that you can share our shop with? Do you know someone that has a shop and would like to stock our products? Do you know someone that would be interested in publishing an article about our programs and projects? Can you do a simple fundraiser at church with family or friends.

All of it counts, connections and unity are powerful. Join us in making chances in the world. Email us:

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